This idyllic spot, situated in the gardens of the former mansion of the Lycklama family, is certainly worth visiting.

Living past

... The greenhouse complex is situated in a separate part of the garden opposite the Town Hall in Beetsterzwaag.
In the past the gardeners of the Lycklama family grew here exotic, and for those days uncommon flowers, plants and fruit. Now that the greenhouses are open to the public you can enjoy flowers and plants that in the past could only be enjoyed by the happy few....

The village of Beetsterzwaag

Beetsterzwaag used to be a village of distinction where the nobility had their country-houses. As early as the seventeenth century Beetsterzwaag was defined as "a village with small patches of fertile farmland, with beautiful trees in abundance and a well-paved main street".
Even up to now the village has preserved this character, with its at least three and a half-century-old main street. The splendidly designed gardens and ancient houses are the silent witnesses of the wealthy nobility of the 17th and 18th centuries. An important part of this historic heritage is the greenhouse complex known as “De Tropische Kas”.


In 1835 squire Jan Anne Lycklama à Nijeholt became the owner of the mansion which today is known as “the Lycklamahûs” (Hoofdstraat 80, now part of the Town Hall). Gardens were laid out in front of the house as well as at the back. Because the garden in front of the house was across the street it was called the "overtuin". In 1869 the family built a grapery with a pent-roof and a greenhouse for flowers in this garden, which have been preserved up to now. The greenhouse for flowers was renovated several times and finally turned into a conservatory in which frost sensitive plants could be kept in winter. In the 1920's the conservatory was replaced by a greenhouse now known as "De Tropische Kas". This greenhouse is over 80 years old now and some of the plants accommodated in it are of almost the same age. The Tropical Greenhouse contains a varied collection of tropical plants.
There is a vast collection of tub plants, among which a number of beautiful, more than 70-year-old lemon trees. During the winter these plants are now accommodated in the new conservatory, which was built in 1970, and renovated in 2006.
In 2004, a fourth conservatory was added to the complex, in which visitors can be welcomed .

Friends of “De Tropische Kas”

Since 2004 the Association of Friends of "De Tropische Kas" has been in charge of the greenhouse complex. The members, all volunteers, see to the maintenance of the gardens and greenhouses.
The Association’s aim is to preserve this historic and idyllic site and to keep it open to the public.

  • Addresses

    Vereniging Vrienden van De Tropische Kas
    c/o Secretariaat
    Utein 7
    9244 AA Beetsterzwaag


  • Routing

    Beetsterzwaag lies between Heerenveen and Drachten.

    By car take motorway A7, junction Beetsterzwaag. In the Hoofdstraat in Beetsterzwaag you will find the entrance of the garden after + 300 meters on your left, opposite Hoofdstraat 80. In the back of the garden you will find de "Tropische Kas"

  • Opening hours

The complex is open from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. on the following days:
May: Saturdays and Sundays June, July and august: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays September: Saturdays and Sundays

  • You are welcomed by our hosts and we will be serving coffee & tea and cakes.

  • Guided tours are available for groups by appointment (also outside opening hours).

  • Closed to public from October 1st up to April 30th.

  • Location greenhouse complex:
    The garden ("overtuin") opposite Hoofdstraat 80, Beetsterzwaag

  • We are be glad to welcome you!