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Losartan 50 mg cost $25.50. If you wanted to take one tablet of 500mg, they would have cost you $5.90. But the drug companies made a fortune off of these cheap pills. There was no regulation over how Losartan 15 Pills $126 - $115 Per pill many pills could be sold at once. Now, if we were to sell a drug for $100 12-week course of treatment, what does that mean for me? I would want to buy a box of 5,000 doses and go through that many pills in a 12-week treatment. I'd want to buy 100,000 pills. I'd want to buy 500,000. At $2.50 per pill, that would have cost $1.5 million! Now let's say that I'm going to buy a box of 500,000 pills for $5 per pill. That means the cost per pill is $2.50. Now let's say that I took 100 pills. would have cost me the price of my 100 pills. If I were the average patient taking 100 pills per month for 12 weeks I might need to buy a box of 100,000 pills and I'd need to take 1.5 million pills in order to reach the treatment threshold. In that scenario, let's say I was going to take three pills per day for 12 weeks. Those three pills would cost me $6.50 per pill. So I'm paying over $200 per month for a drug that costs me less than $50 per month to take! If they are going to charge $100 for a pill, they are going to sell that pill for $3. In the beginning of drug and in your mind, the pill is $100. As time goes on, the price of pill declines. cost per is less and less. contact number of generic pharmacy However, we are the victims of how this is priced. When we take an effective medication, they price it at $100 because they want to make a profit and they don't care about the cost. Why do they want us to pay so much for these things? They want us to buy drugs and they want us to take them. The reason is that drugs cost a lot. They don't care about the cost because they know what will sell. And that's I think: they know that the drugs are effective and they know that their profit will be the same or higher than cost of the drugs. So, we are buying drugs because they effective and are taking them to increase their profits. That is why we have $1.75 billion of prescription drug debt in America. The last thing that I want to say is that there are ways, and ways that I believe in how to fix the problem. I'm not suggesting in any way that we should stop providing our healthcare services. I think that we should provide healthcare services as best we can and should try to keep costs at a minimum but we have got to come terms with how pay for them. That is what this committee trying to determine: how can we get the cost down? I don't believe that we should just stop doing anything: not even if it's the very best that we can do. I think that we should try to make the best of what we do and I think that in addition to all the other things that I have just mentioned, the drug companies have been providing some very good medications at low prices. We have a situation with drug called Actos, from Abbott Laboratories that is available for just $100 per tablet or a month. It is one of the least expensive drugs we have and they are able to keep it that way. I think there are some other drugs out there that are affordable and in some places America. I'm going to mention a couple of them that have been getting very good press in the media. There is a drug called Cymbalta. It cost the government just $2.37 per losartan diovan generic pill and it was effective in treating depression. It is not the only medication or treatment. There are other medications being discussed but at Cymbalta that was just one of the inexpensive medications for depression. If we could increase the price of that medication, we would be saving an enormous amount of money and we could save an enormous amount of lives, too. We have been on the other side of this debate and if we don't stop the pillaging of U.S. healthcare system, we are going to end up with another Medicare/Medicaid program. It is going to be the same programs that have been there for a long time. Medicare has been a wonderful program. It provides health insurance to millions of people and it is very beneficial, but if we don't start taking care of this situation, we may very well end up with another Medicaid program.

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Losartan cozaar 25 mg oral tab ulate daily for 5 months) in healthy generic pharmacy careers participants (n = 20) is significantly different from placebo (P < 0.05) in the following three domains: mental alertness (P < 0.05), positive mood 0.05) and anxiety (P < ( ). Open in a separate window The adverse reaction rate for 20 and 30 mg tablets was 15.9% and 21.2%, respectively. All tablets given to patients were swallowed and tolerated by healthy volunteers ( ). The study demonstrated safety and tolerability of the study drug for patients with major depressive disorder. Discussion In an outpatient clinical trial involving 10 depressed patients taking placebo and 20 30 mg of cozaar combined to achieve therapeutic levels, cozaar showed significant effectiveness in treating the severity of depression, with a relative safety and tolerability that was statistically equivalent to seen with placebo. The primary objective both placebo and drug treatments was to confirm that sufficient patient-rated improvement was achieved losartan 25 mg cost to establish efficacy. Our data clearly show that cozaar produced statistically significant improvement over placebo and this was maintained throughout a minimum of 5 months. It is important to note that this was achieved with patients who, previously, had been unresponsive to treatment with other antidepressants currently available in the U.S. that are often withdrawn within 2–6 weeks [17]. We have previously shown that the antidepressant effects of cozaar in healthy volunteers have been reported to last for at least 2 years [11]. As an added incentive for the patients to continue taking their cozaar dose, it is also possible that cozaar will be added in the current study to recommended treatment for patients with major depressive disorder to improve symptom relief and severity while reducing the rate of dropout. One significant findings this study relates to the time discontinuation. discontinuation, i.e., a patient is no longer receiving active treatment, is approximately 15 weeks with cozaar. This is the longest time to discontinuation of any antidepressant currently available in the U.S., any antidepressant-naive population [18]. We were unable to make specific estimates of the time to discontinuation for active antidepressants due to the absence of data for active-treatment endpoint. Furthermore, there are no published data for the use of cozaar in management depression this population. A number of studies have examined the effects of antidepressants in combination with cozapine patients major depression. Both of these treatments, cozapine + sertraline and amitriptyline, were ineffective at treating depressive symptoms, although the time to discontinuation was shorter when combined [19–21]. Furthermore, the cozapine + amitriptyline combination treatment produced a significantly higher rate of discontinuation compared with the cozap.