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Propecia finasteride 1mg buy buybuybuy [20:24:11] <@CCP_Rise> @sadpandatech that's one of the things we are working on as well other things we have planned [20:24:14] <@CCP_Rise> @skullysc2 yes as well we can, the dev team and new content are focused on these two areas and are constantly working towards resolving the issues and delivering new content [20:24:30] <@CCP_Rise> @okprimate it's a great time to play the game as we approach 1.0 release on the 28th [20:24:38] <@CCP_Rise> @Skullysc2 yes [20:24:50] @KelseyDoughnut yeah we have been using them for 2 months now and I like what we've seen so far [20:24:58] <@CCP_Rise> @Deffmatt yes, we can probably tweak the cap on number of battleships you can field with a capacitor bank to allow for more frequent Orlistat otc canada deployments propecia buy online uk [20:25:02] <@CCP_Rise> @Evester98 yes, we might need to do a special balancing pass if this is going to become a problem [20:25:07] <@CCP_Rise> @ccp_robertk thank you very much [20:25:19] <@CCP_Rise> @ccp_robertk I just have a question as you can see - do know if we can have more than buy propecia online prescription 25 battleships per fleet [20:25:36] <@CCP_Rise> @ccp_robertk I wish could answer that, it's one of the more frustrating things from a player perspective [20:25:41] <@CCP_Rise> @ccp_robertk that's one of the things we need to test [20:25:51] <@CCP_Rise> but yes we should have more [20:26:36] <@CCP_Rise> @Fatswagg one last question, on future improvements to the fleet form select screen [20:26:44] <@CCP_Rise> @Fatswagg the fleet display code we are using now has one bug in it now - it's supposed to do a "show information only to show the fleet form view" but it's not doing that in some scenarios [20:26:54] <@CCP_Rise> @fatswagg there has been an issue for over a year, it was eventually fixed by making it an internal issue [20:27:00] <@CCP_Rise> @Fatswagg are you not allowed to ask about it [20:27:14] <@CCP_Rise> @Fatswagg please keep the questions confined to this issue, and we'll try to keep you in Xenical orlistat price in canada the loop for future changes [20:28:01] <@CCP_Rise> @Fatswagg sorry for the delay there, hopefully we can get back on track soon [20:28:13] <@CCP_Rise> Thanks guys, everyone! :) [20:30:40] <@CCP_Rise> @ccp_robertk thanks [20:31:44] @Evester98 and yes, I think you heard that already, i'm sure I didn't :) [20]

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